Saturday, July 18, 2009

how to make a sandwich

karl & jodi, circa february 2003

karl & jodi, circa july 19, 2003

karl & jodi, circa june 2009
wren & i have a little thing where i'll say "i love you peanut butter" and she will tell me "i love you jelly". recently she has changed this. when i said "i love you peanut butter" she said "i'm not peanut butter, you are!" and when i asked what she was, she said "i am bread". okay? ummm...then she went on..."you are the peanut butter, daddy is the jelly and i am one piece of bread and nea-nea is the other piece of bread".'s taken us 6 years, but that's how you make a really, really good sandwich!

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