Thursday, May 20, 2010

how did this happen?

september 2009
1st day of preschool
above:  09/2009
below:  05/2010
and this girl?????
yep, no longer a preschooler.
last day of preschool
may 20, 2010

mrs. patty, wren, mrs. simms
(wren with her teachers)
yup, seriously!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

cuteness only allowed!

before the rehearsal began....
right before going on stage....
on the rose's stage...
at home after taking off the make-up and taking down the hair...
just to get y'all in the dance recital mood..........

Sunday, May 16, 2010

the post in which i go postal...

generally speaking, i do not anxiously await the mail being delivered.  usually there isn't much to get all excited over.  bills,  junk mail.  occasionally a magazine - which does get a "whoo-hoo!" from me. 

now, ups?  that is different.  because that is the way my work used to deliver all orders.  but that all changed a few weeks ago.  UL corporate now delivers small orders via USPS, and the larger orders will still come via UPS.  but this change to USPS priority mail is a good one!  from utah, the package can get to me in 2 days, usually. 

that is IF the mailman actually decided that he will deliver my mail.  in my mailbox.  even on a saturday.

and this past saturday, i was expecting a small, but important, package from UL.  it is a replacement for an error on a gal's custom design.  and, i wanted to deliver it on saturday evening...or even on sunday.  but mail was delivered on saturday.  and so, i decided to "investigate"...

first:  this is a photo of my (& our neighbor's) mailbox.  and there IS a car parked near by...north of the 4 boxes.  not right in front of the boxes.  mailman could still get to the boxes.  but did he?  ummmm, no.  oh, did i mention that one of the neighbors has mailed to picked up in their box (that is what the red flag is for...they followed the proper procedure).  but, our mailman did not deliver any mail to any of these 4 boxes. 
second:  i decide to check my UL order's delivery status.  because i thought perhaps i had the date wrong.  maybe it wasn't saturday that it should arrive.  and upon clicking on the tracking number THIS IS WHAT I FOUND:

and in case you do not want to read the small print or click on the image to enlarge...THIS IS WHAT IT TELLS ME:
Class: Priority Mail®
Service(s): Delivery Confirmation™
Status: Notice Left
We attempted to deliver your item at 2:48 PM on May 15, 2010 in BENNINGTON, NE 68007 and a notice was left. You may pick up the item at the Post Office indicated on the notice, go to, or call 800-ASK-USPS to arrange for redelivery. If this item is unclaimed after 15 days then it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.
Detailed Results:
Notice Left, May 15, 2010, 2:48 pm, BENNINGTON, NE 68007

now...there are a few UNTRUTHS in this information:
1)  there was no attempt to deliver, b/c if there were, then...
2)  there would have been THE ACTUAL NOTICE LEFT IN MY BOX, or on our front door.  which there was no notice.

did i forget to mention, that i saw the mailman entering our neighborhood when i drove to get gas for the lawn mower.  and did i mention that it appeared that the other people on our street got their mail that day??

i am thinking that the postmaster is not going to appreciate my print-out of "delivery notice left", nor my photo.  monday morning may not be a good one.  i'm just saying...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

it's all in a day...

this is from yesterday, actually...during nap/quiet time wren chose to clean up her room, make her new bed and line of her best bud-buds at the end of her new bed!
below is an updated photo of the "bawk! bawk! chickenhawk" birds in our window box (please note:  these are NOT chicken hawks, or any kind of hawk for that matter, nor are they chickens, or robins, or bluejays.  if i had to guess...i'd say they are sparrows.).  okay, next photo, please!
the girls helped pick out and make "mother's day" gifts for the 3 aunties yesterday.  and today, we delivered these pretties.
these are my two lil honeys before we went into the rose for wren's final preschool field trip.
this is right outside the rose, with a friend/classmate of wren's.
and this one below is after the play ("if you give a cat a cupcake" - was fabulous!!  wren got to sit with friends a few seats from me, with one of her teachers at the end to keep an eye on students...and at the part where the yeti, aka abominable snowman, started to roar and come out, wren's knees went up to her chin, and the teacher asked her if she was ok, to which wren answered, "yeah, i've seen rudolph."  very matter-of-factly...her teacher thought that was hysterical.   as do i!).  and yes, linnea would not stand under the tree with her sister because she decided, at that moment, she does not like grass.  nevermind that 45 minutes later she was frolicking in g-r-a-s-s.  shhhhhh!  don't tell her...
this is in the old market after our lunch with the daddy.  nea's knee is up and she is strategically pointing out her "street" bandaids (fyi:  "street" is short for "sesame street").
after lunch, we enjoyed a stroll through gene leahy three girls went down the slides a few times.  some kids, adults and probably the daddy laughed at us.  we did not care!  we saw the bucket fill with water and spill out.  we saw the triangle art.  we crossed the bridge to see the swans, duck and catfish (not sure if that is actually the kind of fish those were, but that's what wren said, so i'm sticking to that, too).  we walked under the waterfall.  we walked and walked and it was very nice!  and then we went to deliver those flowers in the first photo.  which almost went without incident.  until that last flowers.  nea lost her balance and dropped them.  luckily it was just dry dirt to clean up off the office's carpet...she was much more concerned about the dirt that got on her sandals and whether the flowers would be okay.  so, i guess it was good that we divided our concerns, huh?!

as we were driving home, nea had a large rubberband that she was putting around her tongue and then rolling it down and off her tongue.  when i asked her to stop and give me the rubberband, she told me this:  
"momma...i am getting the spray off my tongue and i am not done yet."
i had no answer so she continued a few more times until, apparently, she'd gotten all the "spray" off.

after we got home and relaxed for awhile...the daddy came home and made dinner while i ran a quick-ish errand.  when i got back certain girls were picking at their food.  that is until the daddy brought out the "big bribery":  little debbie nutty bars!

these next photos were taken at the request of the girls.

the first is the rest of wren's pink milk and her nutty bar, before she chomped it!
and this is how she eats that nutty bar.  coincidentally, i sometimes eat mine the exact same way:  chew off the chocolate first and then eat the wafers and peanut butter!  of course, i do not put it in my mouth quite like she is...but still, mostly the same.
and, these are the vegetables that took nea
finish eating.
but, finish she did.  it was hard for her not to finish since her sister sat right across from her enjoying her nutty bar.  they are both now full of nutty bars and downstairs with the daddy.  playing a computer game before they continue listening to him read "the hobbit".
today most certainly falls in the