Thursday, August 27, 2009

i love the smell of new carpet in the morning (or, alternatively..."DUDE, WHERE'S MY CARpet?!"

we went to bed after doing this to our living room.
we woke with our living room still looking like this.
and the stains on the carpeting...
and the stains on the carpeting...
and the stains on the carpeting...
and the stains on the carpeting...
and our master bathroom looking like this...
and then the carpet installers arrived...
removed the 9+ year old carpet/padding...
laid out the new carpet...
and then found flawed carpet...glue from the carpet supplier on the carpet..."z" or "j" marks from the carpet cutting machine cutting too short...flawed!
so, they had to install this carpet. but will return with replacement carpet. and it will "new carpeting: take 2". but, first replacement carpet must be found. none at the omaha location. maybe some at the kansas city location. did i mention that an independent inspector must inspect said flawed carpet? and he cannot come until friday afternoon? yeah, so this means we will not be moving all our things back into the 3 bedrooms tonight. it probably means we won't be moving everything back into our three bedrooms until next week. seriously not very happy. in fact, my mood is flawed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

it's all in who you are

there are a mere 10 days until football season begins for HUSKER fans!
there are a mere 8 days until football season begins for ISU fans!


i am a husker by birth. i cheer for the huskers EVERY SINGLE STINKIN' GAME TO RIP THE OPPONENT APART AND GET A WIN!!!

i am a cyclone by marriage. i attend every home game and cheer for the 'clones EVERY SINGLE STINKIN' GAME TO RIP THE OPPONENT APART AND GET A WIN!!! except when they play my huskers. then i do not care one rip about the 'clones. just tryin' to be honest here folks. i wear something husker to every single 'clone game. husker socks. husker visor. husker shirt. husker windbreaker. you get the idea. but i also wear some 'clone, too. socks. visor. shirt. earrings. you get the idea.
and yes, despite this being MY 7TH YEAR IN THE SAME 45 YARD LINE, AISLE SEATS MID-WAY UP THE 2ND TIER OF JACK TRICE STADIUM...there will be someone who will make some comment about "who let her in?", or something about my husker-butt being in the wrong stadium. and for the 7TH YEAR i will say something in return that is only about 1/10th as sarcastic or smart-assy as i really want. just to keep the peace. because, in case you are not familiar with ISU football...the season can get pretty l - o - n - g at jack trice stadium. . .


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i'm just a filler in the space that happened to be free...

there are times when puddy mcfluffkins . . . (the cat that i chose from the humane society last year. my cat. my husband does not prefer cats. he prefers dogs. so it was i who chose puddy. convinced my husband that, as a matter of fact, we do need another kitty cat at our home since big oliver went to animal heaven. i am the one who petitioned to adopt puddy.) . . . seems to be annoyed with my presence in his world. and i know that it is because his favorite person from our family is gone. either at work. or working out. or outside. or maybe just in the bathroom. where ever.
puddy prefers my husband.
yep, the one who really did not want another cat. the one who thought we were fine with just the dog...
and when i get this look from puddy mcfluffkins, i am nearly certain he would sing this (about 1:14 into it...) if he could...he is a heartbreaker. but i still love him. and feed him. and my husband, too. love him, too. and feed him, too.
"You should know that you're just a temporary fix
This is not rooted with you it don't mean that much to me
You're just a filler in the space that happened to be free
How dare you think you'd get away with trying to play me"
- adele, best for last (partial lyrics)

Monday, August 24, 2009

marshy, the monster marshmallow

a while back, i got a cd at hallmark for $1.00 on clearance. what i did not know is that "hoops & yoyo" are primarily for older people. older people who have jobs. with songs about "treat day tuesday", or about coffee. or about boring meetings. there is one song that linnea is "marshy, the monster marshmallow". she sings along. it cracks her UP! so whilst at hy-vee last week i came across marshmallows as big as my head. or at least as big as my brain. probably bigger.

here is a monster marshmallow beside a "jumbo" marshmallow and a "mini" marshmallow:
here is linnea holding the 3 marshes in a tower of marshmallowy goodness:
here's linnea saying "marshes da monter marshmallow":
and here are the girls "see no evil" with their gargantuan, monster white & pink marshes:now i must have a monster s'more. ymmmmmm.

Monday, August 17, 2009

wooden fleas

a couple weeks ago Wren was playing on the deck, with bare feet. somehow, perhaps due to our deck being in desperate need of being cleaned, sanded and stained...??...somehow...wren got 3 splinters in her foot. the daddy sent her to me to have me extract the splinters. i needed the daddy to be my assistant and hold the patient's hands/arms. i was able to extract all 3 with a needle and tweezers. one was big and fairly far in...but they all got out.
somehow the mind of my 4-yr-old deduced that she had gotten fleas from the deck. and not just any ole fleas, but wooden fleas. she told me numerous times that she was not going back on the deck until the wooden fleas were all gone.
so, today as i was staining the deck, wren asks me, "momma? are the wooden fleas all gone now?"

"sure they are," i replied.

"YES!" was her enthusiast response.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

happy hour (or you had to be there)

i *heart* sonic. i love getting a route 44 diet dr. pepper with raspberry flavoring. it is delightful. it is particularly delightful at half-price from 2-4pm every afternoon. now, it is rumored that i have timed my errand-running, or other such business, to be able to take advantage of 92 cent delightfulness. but it might just be a rumor. any-hoodle...while in northeast nebraska a couple weekends ago with my oldest sister (we were helping the middle sister get her home ready for selling...which it did sell - yeah!) i totally talked her into hitting the sonic drive-thru on our way outta town. she was driving. let me repeat: i was NOT driving. my sister is not much of a soda drinker, but was thinking one of the iced-coffee drinks might just be calling her name. so we get to the drive thru and this is how it goes down:
"are your iced coffee drinks part of your happy hour?" my sister asks.
"our happy hour is over," responds the drive-thru voice.
"wha? whah? when did it end?" i tell my sister to ask as i look at her dash-clock: 3pm. "it is from 2-4pm in omaha. every. day" i tell her to add. she follows instructions well.
"we used to have it from 7-9pm but we stopped doing it last week," responds the drive-thru voice.
"oh my world! are you are kiddin'? fine....i still want a soda," i tell my sister. and she begins to order my diet dr. pepper, but gets cut off.
"we don't have diet dr. pepper," responds the drive-thru voice.
"seriously?!" i say, loud enough for her to probably hear me. i look at the menu-board and find a suitable replacement for my heart's desire.
"fine, a diet coke. with raspberry" my sister orders for me.
"we don't have raspberry, " responds the drive-thru voice.
"what?!?!?!?!?!?! oooo-kaaaay, then just a route 44 sized diet coke" i say again probably loudly enough for her to hear me, and my sister repeats that, without my humpfhtgh noise.
"uh, we don't have route 44 size drinks," responds the drive-thru voice.
at this point i am thinking we must have the newest, dingy-est, non-attention, non-helpful annoying drive-thru employee e-v-e-r. and i am this close to asking for someone else to help us, but that would have been Ack. Ward. right? so, i start looking around to see if we have morphed into the twilight zone. or are somehow on some star trek holideck (not that i even really know what that means, but that phrase has evoked humor before and i am hoping it does it again now). and then i see it.

it is a large sign denoting the name of the restaurant. the restaurant that we are in the drive-thru of. and, well, it is NOT sonic. it is culver's. so, no they probably do NOT have a happy hour, like the omaha sonics have. they probably do NOT have diet diet pepper. probably no raspberry syrup to flavor a diet dr. pepper, if they even had that kind. and, yep, NOT a route 44 size of beverage. and it is then the giggles begin. i cannot even hardly speak to tell my sister that we are NOT in the sonic drive-thru. somehow she realizes what i am trying to say...and she tries to tell the drive-thru voice how our niece used to work at culver's and we always came here when in town, but what we really wanted were 1/2-price happy hour drinks at sonic...which is right across the street from this culver's. do you think she was amused? not so much. in fact (well not really fact because this is mostly just my guessing, or what i would've done as a teenager working the drive-thru) she probably told her co-workers that there are two dumb, drunk &/or stoned old ladies in the drive-thru who are lost. or insane. or both.

the drive-thru voice at the sonic was also not amused with the story of our blunder. but we got our drinks. and even though i would burst into spontaneous fits of laughter without warning, none of the diet dr.pepper with raspberry flavoring came out my nose. or was spilled all over my sister's brand new car. and we still laugh about this incident. in fact, we laughed about it in a phone call earlier tonight.
and we have come to a few conclusions:
1) we are not dumb.
2) we were not stoned.
3) we are not insane.
4) we were a bit lost, obviously.
5) we are certain that the pitcher of lime margaritas on the rocks that we shared at lunch at our favorite authentic mexican restaurant had nothing to do with this incident. i repeat: absolutely nothing to do with this.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In work, do what you enjoy. In family, be completely present.
~Tao Te Ching