Monday, August 17, 2009

wooden fleas

a couple weeks ago Wren was playing on the deck, with bare feet. somehow, perhaps due to our deck being in desperate need of being cleaned, sanded and stained...??...somehow...wren got 3 splinters in her foot. the daddy sent her to me to have me extract the splinters. i needed the daddy to be my assistant and hold the patient's hands/arms. i was able to extract all 3 with a needle and tweezers. one was big and fairly far in...but they all got out.
somehow the mind of my 4-yr-old deduced that she had gotten fleas from the deck. and not just any ole fleas, but wooden fleas. she told me numerous times that she was not going back on the deck until the wooden fleas were all gone.
so, today as i was staining the deck, wren asks me, "momma? are the wooden fleas all gone now?"

"sure they are," i replied.

"YES!" was her enthusiast response.

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