Monday, August 24, 2009

marshy, the monster marshmallow

a while back, i got a cd at hallmark for $1.00 on clearance. what i did not know is that "hoops & yoyo" are primarily for older people. older people who have jobs. with songs about "treat day tuesday", or about coffee. or about boring meetings. there is one song that linnea is "marshy, the monster marshmallow". she sings along. it cracks her UP! so whilst at hy-vee last week i came across marshmallows as big as my head. or at least as big as my brain. probably bigger.

here is a monster marshmallow beside a "jumbo" marshmallow and a "mini" marshmallow:
here is linnea holding the 3 marshes in a tower of marshmallowy goodness:
here's linnea saying "marshes da monter marshmallow":
and here are the girls "see no evil" with their gargantuan, monster white & pink marshes:now i must have a monster s'more. ymmmmmm.

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