Sunday, May 16, 2010

the post in which i go postal...

generally speaking, i do not anxiously await the mail being delivered.  usually there isn't much to get all excited over.  bills,  junk mail.  occasionally a magazine - which does get a "whoo-hoo!" from me. 

now, ups?  that is different.  because that is the way my work used to deliver all orders.  but that all changed a few weeks ago.  UL corporate now delivers small orders via USPS, and the larger orders will still come via UPS.  but this change to USPS priority mail is a good one!  from utah, the package can get to me in 2 days, usually. 

that is IF the mailman actually decided that he will deliver my mail.  in my mailbox.  even on a saturday.

and this past saturday, i was expecting a small, but important, package from UL.  it is a replacement for an error on a gal's custom design.  and, i wanted to deliver it on saturday evening...or even on sunday.  but mail was delivered on saturday.  and so, i decided to "investigate"...

first:  this is a photo of my (& our neighbor's) mailbox.  and there IS a car parked near by...north of the 4 boxes.  not right in front of the boxes.  mailman could still get to the boxes.  but did he?  ummmm, no.  oh, did i mention that one of the neighbors has mailed to picked up in their box (that is what the red flag is for...they followed the proper procedure).  but, our mailman did not deliver any mail to any of these 4 boxes. 
second:  i decide to check my UL order's delivery status.  because i thought perhaps i had the date wrong.  maybe it wasn't saturday that it should arrive.  and upon clicking on the tracking number THIS IS WHAT I FOUND:

and in case you do not want to read the small print or click on the image to enlarge...THIS IS WHAT IT TELLS ME:
Class: Priority Mail®
Service(s): Delivery Confirmation™
Status: Notice Left
We attempted to deliver your item at 2:48 PM on May 15, 2010 in BENNINGTON, NE 68007 and a notice was left. You may pick up the item at the Post Office indicated on the notice, go to, or call 800-ASK-USPS to arrange for redelivery. If this item is unclaimed after 15 days then it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.
Detailed Results:
Notice Left, May 15, 2010, 2:48 pm, BENNINGTON, NE 68007

now...there are a few UNTRUTHS in this information:
1)  there was no attempt to deliver, b/c if there were, then...
2)  there would have been THE ACTUAL NOTICE LEFT IN MY BOX, or on our front door.  which there was no notice.

did i forget to mention, that i saw the mailman entering our neighborhood when i drove to get gas for the lawn mower.  and did i mention that it appeared that the other people on our street got their mail that day??

i am thinking that the postmaster is not going to appreciate my print-out of "delivery notice left", nor my photo.  monday morning may not be a good one.  i'm just saying...

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