Friday, September 11, 2009

super hero, the old school kind

last week while husband & i took a a couple days to ourselves (the girls got to hang out with grandpa and grandma...) husband bought the "school house rock" dvd. for the girls. certainly not for himself. and it was certainly not him who was able to sing nearly every single word of every single song. nope. but, to his credit, the girls really do love it! it has been fun hearing them try to sing "lolly lolly lolly get your adverbs here" while i am driving.

while the girls got to spend time alone with grandpa and grandma, they had such fun! riding on the 4-wheeler to go and check the cow-cows and bully-boys. they got to help feed the 2 pudgy kittens that nea-nea kitty had (yes, there is a farm cat named after my daughter...). they got to get dirty, run wild on the farm, picked apples and made some delicious (!) applesauce. and they got to hear some great stories from grandma. here is wren's recollection of one such story:

wren asks, "momma? did you know that our daddy is a super hero?"

"no, i did not," i reply.

"he is. because when he was little, like maybe my age, which is four, he started his bed on fire. a real fire, momma! he had an electric blanket and his bed got really, really, really hot and so he went downstairs. and his bed was on fire, real fire, momma, and then grandma and grandpa had to throw his bed out the window! can you believe that he had a really hot bed? yeah, there was just one furnace and it was really, really cold in daddy's room so he had an electric blanket and a fire. a real fire. so, no more electric blankets for daddy! i think he got his little sister out, too. i cannot believe it. but, my daddy is a superhero for doing that! and i love him!" wren tells me(without as much as a breath in between words. seriously). "have you heard that story, momma?"

"yes, i have. it is a good one! your daddy is very, very smart!" i tell her.

"lup! he is!" linnea yells.

"yeah, he's funny, too," wren adds.

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