Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sad & unnerving

this story is just plain sad.  and unnerving.

and it happened near where we live.  no, not our neighborhood.  not within a stoe's throw.  but close enough that it just sickens me.

the young girl who was assaulted and her brother are basically the ages as my girls.  now, i'd like to say that i would never have let them go to said park alone, but with a view from a window...hard to say.  i "think" i would not let them go there, just the 2 of them.....

i have made comments in the past such as:
"even if we do put in a fence the kids & the dog really won't ever be outside without me there, too."
(this stems from the fact that kids are not safe outside in this day & age, even just riding their bike in front of the house or running throught he sprinkler...yes, when we 3 are outside and I need to go back inside - bathroom, answer phone, get h2o or snack - all of us go in...because....)

"everyone i don't know is a pedophile or kidnapper."
(ice cream van drive?  yup.  any unfamiliar vehicle or person in the area?  yup.  those people who go door-2-door to tell you the end of the world is coming soon, or selling candy bars/books/candles to "better their lives"/earn a scholoarship?  yup.  the older kids scootering/biking/walking who i do not recognize as neighbors?  yup.  why do i say/believe this odd statement?  about 8 years ago i worked somewhere that counsels sex offenders (adult & juvenile) and there was a group therapy that met during one of my shifts each week...i also did transcribing for the not only did i know in general terms why each person - generally men - were there, i also had details because i typed up each psychiatrist visit...and i can tell you that a main characteristic of these offenders was simple:  kindness...they are kind because that is how they groom their victims!  and some of the people looked like regular, good-hearted people...not the greasy-haired, slimeballs that one might have in their me the heebie-jeebies...)

and the fact that the offenders in the horrible incident are reported to be 12 & 13 year old boys?  seriously??  sigh, sad. sad.  sad.  and i am not even going to write about my feelings about the fact that thoughts that these 2 juvenile sex offenders recorded - then tried, unsuccessfully to delete - the assualt.  and, if convicted, may not receive much in the way of punishment (probation is highly likely - in fact the boys are currently not incarcerated but where allowed to go home with strict terms:  no cell phones, no contact with younger children).

so until further notice i will remain hypervigilant when it comes to my daughters.  i am guessing this will not change any time soon.  unfortunate for what that says about the world we live in now, but good for the protection of those precious girls!

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