Thursday, November 3, 2011

why ya gotta be so mean?

I knew the day would come.  The little girl giggles and silliness would go sideways in comes mean.  not in my girls.  but other girls.  perhaps these girls have not had "the talk" with their moms.  My girls have.  And we continue to have it.  I refuse to raise "mean girls".  I want independent and assertive girls, but not by meanness.  Luckily (?) the meanness from others is coming in small quantities.  And has happened when I am around - although that almost bothers me MORE - that these young girls are bold & brave enough to be mean in front of me.  And luckily the episodes seem to burst and be done.  I've had some good heart-to-hearts with both girls...trying to help them understand how a true friend treats you and you should treat others.  Gently reminding them to be friendly to everyone, not to leave someone out when possible, and not to talk about someone when they are not around.  Hopefully giving them a soft & safe place to land when they are hurt...Despite my initial reaction is to put those mean little girls in their place...I am pulling up my Big Girl Panties and biting my tongue and taking 3-4 deep breaths and kneeling to their level and explaining that their words/behavior was not appropriate or nice...trying to find out  "the why" behind what they did.  Sometimes easier said than done.  But at the ages of 5 & one, NO ONE, should start their day of school in tears.  I just wish that all parents took the time and patience to teach their daughters the importance of being nice.  And what being a friend entails...but of course, assumes the Moms know these things themselves, right?

On a *happy note*.........My girls have found a great liking of Taylor Swift songs.  And for the most part, her music is okay for their age.  They love "Mean" and lil miss Nea does a *mean* version of it - in fact, she often tells me she sings just like Taylor Swift (yes, if Taylor has a bit of a lisp and is merely 2.5 ft tall....but we got that long blond hair AND she does know the words AND does very similar dance moves as seen in the video The Daddy showed the girls...).

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