Tuesday, January 24, 2012

things that make a momma's heart melt

my oldest is an amazing tender heart who is so caring and sensitive and genuine to others that it makes my heart melt!

my youngest is a spunky spitfire who is kind and funny and reads like she is much, much older and she also makes my heart melt.

these two are best friends.  that really makes my heart melt!

today, a "backseat" convo i overheard as i drove the girls home from dance classes:

nea:  so, wren, i thought that maybe i would talk to momma & daddy tonight about what i am getting you for your birthday - but you can't hear!

wren:  ok, i've got a bunch of things to do anyways...so while you chat with momma & daddy, i can feed junior and give her a bath and blowdry her scales...

nea:  perfect!  i'll let you know what we decide!

wren:  you can't tell me what you are getting me for my birthday!

nea:  i won't....i'll just give you hints!  i'm going to get you 7 presents BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO BE SEVEN!

and that led to high-pitched giggles.

my favorite lines above?

"and blowdry her scales"  (if you recall, junior is one of her lizards...)

"i'm going to get you 7 presents BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO BE SEVEN!" (how sweet is that sister?!?!?!)

life is good!

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