Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a tutorial...

this is the girl who inspired the craftiness:
(she's five, in case you did not know this...or have not read my previous posts...or you live under a big ole rock...ahem)
these were the "princesses" that helped a certain 5-yr-old celebrate that milestone:
and these are the supplies needed to complete the craftiness. oh, and a couple hours of my time one afternoon:
this is how ruby, the dog, helps.
close your eyes and imagine hearing some snoring.
and, this is how puddy mcfluffkins, the cat, helps. he sits on the tissue paper.
and then he turns his back on ya after you take his photo. and yell "shew! away!" to no avail.
then he brings a paw up as to say, "talk to the paw, cuz the face don't wanna hear it!"
"hey, do you think i'm moving? just cuz you asked?"
and, then, he will give you this. on your new carpet!
cuz nothing says "help" like half eaten tissue paper and cat slobber. on the steps to the basement. well, i suppose cat yak would be worse kind of help...but i digress.
but, results, when you are all done:
so pretty!
the 5-yr-old loves these so much she wants to hang from her ceiling in her room. if i ever decide to take them down, that is.
and the adult guests will ask where you found these gorgeous paper flowers that are all over. and they'll want to know if they were expensive.
and you'll answer: "i made them. i spent a whopping 6 bucks on paper and a couple hours of my time..."

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