Wednesday, September 1, 2010

nea day!

well..."that girl" is officially not a toddler anymore.

she is now a PRE-SCHOOLER!

first day today and she is suffering from "perma-grin"!

she was all smiles this morning...

(she did want me to make sure to mention that she only wore her puma shoes for walking club with big sister and that after that she did change in to her sparkley princess shoes to go to her school)

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  1. Awh...your girls are absolutely beautiful.

    I took my son for his first day today, too! He was so excited that he was dressed, teeth brushed and backpack packed by 8:00 AM. Unfortunately, school doesn't start until 11:30 so he had some waiting to do.

    I was dreading the day, but it's turning out quite alright, actually. I hope yours did too!