Thursday, December 9, 2010

the new normal

we are missing the little dogger, ruby.
linnea tells me at least once a day how she would like to have ruby back because she loves that little dog and wants to pet her and that she was soooooooo cute. 
that generally leads to a "heaven chat".
and that ruby is probably funning with belle.  and big oliver.
and then i get asked when i will be going to heaven.
"not for a very long, long, long, long time," i answer.
"don't worry momma, if you go to heaven, me and wren can take care of ourselves, okay?" she has mentioned.
and although the girls are wanting a new dog.  now!  they are doing okay.
i really miss that little ruby in the afternoons and evenings.
she was my shadow.
my little lapdog.
even if she was hanging out with the hubs, she would keep her eyes on me if i was up and doing.
she was just so sweet!
but in worry about how we are all doing, i kind of forgot about ruby's best buddy:
and it was not until a day or two after ruby was gone that i realized that puddy was looking for that lil dog.  he went by all the spots that had been "ruby spots"...and not that puddy was anti-social (although that is sorta a cat characteristic, isn't it?!) he did spend most of his time in the basement.  but not anymore.  he is hanging out with us more...he is sleeping on the bed...all afternoon...which used to be a very favorite spot of ruby's.

 i feel bad for him.  how do i tell a cat that his dogger friend is not coming home?
 they were so funny together!

i will never forget the night that we got ruby.  i had sequestered puddy in our bedroom while we were letting ruby get used to the 4 humans and our home.  ruby was a breeder surrender/rescue dog and so she was a little apprehensive at first.  i remember sitting on the ottoman with ruby and then opening the bedroom door.  puddy sauntered out like he owned the place and then froze mid-step when he saw that boston terrier!  i could see his little cat brain whirring - he was used to belle who liked to chase!  and who had a tracking on him all. the. time.  and so once he realized that he could continue through the living room, he would take a step, turn quickly to see what that dog was going to do.  take a step, look at that dog - always ready to turn up the speed if that dog took chase.  but ruby never did.  in fact, at first ruby did not even notice the other furry thing in the house.  she would all but walk right over the cat when coming back from being outside.  but they got used to one another and would often hang out together.
so...puddy is being a bit more social, which is nice...but not for the reason that it is happening.

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