Wednesday, December 1, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

there is the car radio set to the christmas music station
(which often gets me a "play dat one adain, momma"
from linnea...followed by her saddest face when i tell
her it's the radio and i can't...)

the tree is up, the girls added their ornaments,
it's plugged in to the timer and amazes the girls
when it turns itself on...and luckily has withstood
the pawing of a certain furball cat, who has
found "the spot" by sitting on the back of the couch
and leaning into the tree...he has been put on notice
that if that tree falls, his cushy lil cat-world will no
longer be a happy one.  he immediately ran to hubs to
snitch on me.  i think i heard a "bah humbug" come 
out with the hiss and meow.

we are missing that little dog, ruby, as she is
spending a few days at the help her get
back on a regular diet of actual dog food...instead of 
"momma's homemade chicken & rice"...yup, i was
cooking for the poochy.  but she is doing much better
and we are hoping that the vet can determine what is
wrong with her kidney and we can get her back home
and snoozing on my lap...because this is perfect weather
for that lil dog to be all cozied up to me!

wren is busy singing christmas carols and wishing it were
her school concert night...since i was not able to be at gram
& grandpa's over thansgiving, wren picked out a pair of
christmas tree earrings for me...they are more sparkly and 
bigger than what i would normally wear, so...
i will be wearing these earrings every stinkin' day of december!

linnea does not like wearing turtlenecks, just so you know, and 
she cannot wait for us to be able to start the "advent calendar" 
today...she has been keeping her eye on the boxes just 
waiting for something to get in each day...she offered to help
put something in each day, but i declined her help...but not before
i told her that is she put the somethings in, then me & the daddy
would get the somethings, and not her & wren...she is fine not helping. 

boots, hats, snowpants...winter weather gear is out and being worn!
the girls love their boots - wren got new ones, and nea got the
hand-me-downs, but she does not care because they are PINK...
so far we have been able to keep track of the pairs of gloves
and hats and coats and remembering regular shoes to change
in to at school...although linnea has asked me to buy her a hat
that will cover her whole face...sure hope that the "burglar masks"
come in a nice pink color...

well...there are christmas cards to finish up...and the baking list
to make and buy ingredients for...cookie
concerts and recitals and dancing at a
retirement programs and singing and advent
candle lighting...and quiet reminders that santa is watching...
so if i do not post again until 2011...

merry christmas to all
to all a good night!

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