Wednesday, November 24, 2010


ruby is doing better.
we got a 2nd opinion,
which is giving her a 2nd chance.
which she so very much deserves!
she has a very
naughty pancreas, kidney and
some of her intestines are
just not playing nice...
i am thankful for "rescue jennifer" and the new vet.
and the help she is receiving.
and that she is doing better.

and then this one...
other than when he is a total klutz,
that results in a total mess...
i am thankful for him, too.
and i think he is thankful for the poochy, too.
above is an older photo
(because someone else has the camera this weekend),
but when i got home earlier with ruby,
a certain furball made his way to her
and gave a few kitty-kisses to her. 
and then they followed each other around for awhile. 
and then because puddy mcfluffkins IS a cat,
he got bored and wondered off.
i love our furry ones!

so i am not thankful for things.
it is not "what" i am thankful for.
it is who.

 ahhh, big ole sigh!

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