Thursday, November 11, 2010

merry christmas...

no, the flu (or what-the-heck-ever crud/plague/illness that i currently am enduring) has not rendered me completely loco.  yet.

but....i found this fabu offer for bloggers:  free christmas cards!  (i heard you yell "whoot-whoot"!)

i have done numerous photo books using 'em!  quick, easy way to showcase our lil honeys & my hubs (heck, i've included a photo or 2 of myself - and they printed them - must not have completely broken their photog machinery, huh?!).  check 'em out over HERE!  you want to see what i have done with shutterfly?  well...........
*these are 4 of the books i have done...i did one from last winter (2009),
one with pics from the whole year,
one of just wren,
and the small one is from our vacation this summer (2010)*
i've done "other" holidays (like valentine's day, halloween...with, of course, pictures of the cuties)...i have even gotten our christmas photo cards from shutterfly the last few years...quick and easy ordering...arrived looking stellar...the hardest part?  selecting the actual card!  they have a ton to choose amongst. i love this one... and this one... oooh, ooooh, this one is adorable... and i will be laboring over that decision when i decide i can function vertically for more than 5 minutes without feeling nauseous, light-headed, achy, and having my throat feel as though i have become a fire-breathing dragon. 

and yes, i did get my flu shot. 

but, no, i forgot to ask for the "momma-shot" - y'know the one that keeps us mommas from getting sick...or at least so sick that we cannot take our kindergartner to school and join her at walking club (like i have for the past 48 school days!)...or make lunch for the 4-yr-old, who was able to find crackers, chickee-poos and grapes all by herself (which she LOVED - the snacky foods AND being such a big girl - and she spent plenty of time making sure i was "tucked in" on the couch)...or leave the couch to do anything besides use the bathroom, take the dog out...or, sick enough to have to ask hubs to leave work early to pick up the kid in school...and then return movies/pick up laptop/take daughter to dance class...heck, i don't even think i can watch my thursday night line up...sad, sad situation o'er here... 5 minutes is up and i feel rather punk now ("punk" being a word my mom used when anyone was sick and pale...does any else even use that word??)...

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