Thursday, November 4, 2010

in sickness & in health...

although when my hubs and i spoke these words to one another over 7 years ago, they have been front and center lately.  but probably not in the sense that either of us would have thought.

he is fine.
i am fine.
the girls are both fine.
the furball cat is fine.
but the lil pooch...not so much.

she had lost a lot of weight in the past few weeks.  almost 3 lbs.  and that is A LOT when you are just shy of 16 lbs on a regular basis!  poor lil thing! vet we went.  i'd changed up her food, which did not go over well with her tummy.  so...the vet we went.  and the first day i spent a couple hours there and he ruled out numerous things, but could not narrow it down.  he gave me a list of 3 possibilities and his suggestions on how to proceed.  i made a couple of decisions and brought her home.  nea and i took her back the next day.  and she spent the entire day at the vet.  all.  stinking.  day.  she was so excited to see me and the girls late that afternoon, though!  but unfortunately that day of tests found the vet with no answers.  he was able to rule out all 3 of his initial possibilities, but has no more concrete info than when we first arrived.  but he gave her some different food to add to her crunchy food and she loves it.  loves it so much that when puddy, the furball cat, comes on over to sniff and try to eat it, ruby lets out a very possessive "BARK"!  and this is a dog that rarely barks.  in the 10 months we have had her, i think we have maybe heard her bark 6 times.  seriously.

so...we are going to stick with the food change and see how she does over the next few days.  her ears are perky again.  her eyes do not look so sad.  she is not having "accidents" in her kennel.  she is much, much better!  and she deserves to be much, much better!  she is a very sweet, lovable and kind pup...the girls adore her.  hubs adores her.  and me?  well, i had to have a friend watch my girls for a couple hours when i initially took her to the vet because i did not want the girls to see me a bawling wreck.  because i was.  i so love that little boston terrier it probably is not even sane.  but i don't care!  she is part of our little family and we will take care of her in sickness and in health!

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