Friday, March 11, 2011

do a little dance...

we've had a hectic, but fun week...
wren's school had an assembly monday
and then monday evening was "family night"
with gary dulabaum as entertainment.
and entertain he did!
wren even got her daddy dancing with her!
i danced with linnea.
and we all had a blast!
on thursday, linnea had another field trip.
it was supposed to be a few weeks ago,
but it had to be rescheduled due to a snow storm.
finally, it was the day!
we were going to the symphony!
and linnea just knew exactly what to wear:
fancy green dress, with the sparkly heart,
black tights and her dress-up/church shoes.
she was so excited and loved all the compliments
she got on how beautiful she looked while at
"walking club".  we arrived early and got excellent seats.
prior to sitting down, the church we were at had a resident bird.
linnea enjoyed having a little chat with him!
linnea sitting with her friends waiting for the symphony "adventure" to begin.
linnea chatting it up with the bird.
then on thursday night it was
a school dance at wren's school.
since neither of the girls have ever been to a school dance,
they were not quite sure what to expect.
but...they knew exactly what to wear:

leotards and puffy tu-tus, of course!

the girls with some of their friends
wren, daddy & linnea

i enjoyed dancing a few songs with the girls...the "cha-cha-slide", some other funky line dance...but i drew the line when to dancing to justin beiber.  luckily the girls were in need of drinks and snacks!  the daddy enjoyed watching from the bleachers...oh, and holding the bag of goodies the girls "had" to bring.  what was needed?  well, microphones, linnea's hand-made drum (it also went to the symphony) and then eventually some souvenir streamers and balloons.

wren, momma & linnea
"the dancing queens"

by the end of the night, the girls were exhausted from dancing, twirling, running, funning, and laughing.
they slept quite well!

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