Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what the hamfat?!?! (or alternatively: EPIC FAIL!)

i worked with a gal years ago who said "what the hamfat?!" and somehow it stuck with me...of course, she had a way of saying that lent to it's hysterical-ness, but i try.  and the good ole orbit commercials have made "shut the front door" and "what the french toast" popular in the past couple years.  but both of those are really close to the real "wtf" that they are trying to imitate......

anyhoodles...that is so not what this post is about.

what it IS about is THIS:

not sure "why" this would warrent a post?
well.....i'll add this:

still unsure of the issue?
what is i were to tell you that abercrombie & fitch is marketing this PADDED PUSH-UP/UNDERWIRE BIKINI TOP to:
(wait for it...)
not 20-somethings.

not teens.

not tweens.

not preteens.

but little girls!

i am appalled!

appalled on a various levels:
1)  who works for a&f that sat around in their marketing think-tank and thought, "hmmmm, what demographic are we missing and need to tap in to?"  ahhhh, yes:  little girls.  because doesn't every single digit little girl need to fill out that bikini top?  and if they cannot physically do that, then let's help them.  we're fashion helpers.
2)  who are the parents that would be okay with purchasing this for their 8-yr-old?  seriously.  i don't even take my girls with me when i am bra shopping for myself.  of course, i rarely take them shopping in their own underpants departments - anyone looked there lately?  just need a pair of unders that cover the parts - we don't need bikini, hipster, boy-shorts for the single digit ages, do we? 

i get thAT sex sells.  i get that.  i do.  but at what cost?  i could go on, and on, and on.  as the mom of 2 young girls.  girls that my husband & i are trying to raise as respectful, modest young ladies.  a job that continues to get harder and harder.  especially with companies like a&f.  i just hope therE are more parents out there who are able and willing to stay tough and not give in to what "society" and the fashion industry tries to push at us. 

i did a beth moore bible study a couple years ago...and one of the things i remember her talking about is being cute.  (i will be paraphrasing from memory here....) "it's okay to want to be cute...but you CAN do it without showing everything off.  cute is okay.  mostly naked is not.  so ladies, let's keep it cute but covered".  of course, beth said far more eloquently, but that was the jist of it.

seriously, a&f: 


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