Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what the french toast??!!

so, today started like just about any other day.  get up.  feed the girls.  get ready to go.  pile in the car and head to wren's school.  go on in and head to "walking club".  today, it was finally not raining and as we walked towards the gym I realized that we were probably going outside.  excellent!  i, however, did not have my jacket with me.  not that big of a deal...well, until the following conversation occurred:

teacher a: "mrs. l, did you bring a jacket?  i think we'll go outside."

me:  "no, i'm good."

teacher b:  "maybe we'll let you be the deciding factor on whether we go outside or stay in?"

me:  "outside is fine...once you get to a certain age, body temperature control gets a little whack.  no coat needed for me right now."  i punctuated this with a little laugh at the end...then added:  "if you know what i mean..."

teacher b:  "umm, yeah, we do.  we have mothers."

cue the "whant-whant-whaaant-wahhhh" music.  and although i know both teachers are mid-late 20's, i really did not "see" myself as old as their mothers.  i apparently was quite wrong.  anyone know where to buy a cane and some support hose? 


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