Sunday, May 8, 2011

my mother's day

my mother's day started earlier in the week...karl and the girls gave me a new digital camera...i got a beautiful bouquet of multi-colored roses...

i got to choose where we had lunch on saturday AND to take a big ole nap this afternoon...but the best part?

handmade cards from my girls!

they were being secretive and sneaking around.  it was adorable!

wren also made a "bouquet" of flowers at school...that each have a chore written on the stem that wren is going to help me do around the house! 
mop the floor.
feed the pets.
help cook dinner.
do the dishes.

linnea found a blank notecard and wrote a message inside and drew a picture of two people. 

when i asked her if the 2 people were me & her...
she told me, "No, it is you and Nate Berkus! And you are the one with the long eyelashes!"

yep.  me and Nate Berkus. 
made me laugh outloud! 

i am one very lucky and blessed momma!

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