Thursday, May 26, 2011


the past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind.
and, i will eventually post the photos...but for now...
so much going on:
preschool graduation
(will linnea REALLY be in Kindergarten in 3 short months??!!)
the big wedding
(which meant 1st mani/pedi's for a couple of flowergirls)
loads of "taylor swift" listening
(the daddy made mixed-cd's for each of the girls and they have become big ole sing-along-&-know-every-single-sword taylor fans)
a slew of crafting
(baby pillows, teacher pillows, wedding pillow...faux flowers, curtains, embellishments, oh my!)
some landscaping
(would love to do much more, but...we decided to hold off on more because...)
the painters are coming next week to paint the rest of the main floor
(something told me that it would wiser to pay the painters to do the cathedral ceilings rather than the hospital for my injuries if i tried to do it...ahem.)
although "walking club" ended at wren's school last week,
our family started our own summer walking club...
up-n-at it at 6:30am, we all head out
(including alice, the woogie-dog)
and, today is a certain kindergartener's LAST DAY O' SCHOOL! 
so, i guess it is officially our summer
(schew!  finally!)
and we have lots of fun things coming up...
but for now, we 3 girls are just going to hang out,
play and chillax.  aaaaaahhhh.
i *heart* having both girls home again all day!

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