Monday, July 11, 2011

how can it be the middle of july??!!

we are having a great summer! 
(staying busy and funning = lack of blogging)

i have a big ole list of house projects...that i kept putting off.  i have put them off b/c some would be easier to do with both girls in school.  give myself loads to stay busy with when our youngest is in school this fall.


how can that little teener-tiner be ready for kindergarten??!!

but then a few days ago i was offered a job.  a job that will allow me to take and pick up the girls from school.  will allow me to work 9-2:30pm.  and with the days the girls do not have school, i do not work.  how could i say no?!  and, what's even better?  it isn't even like it's a new NEW job.  it's at the accounting firm where i work during tax season!  so i know everyone.  i know basically what the position entails.  oh, there will be a learning curve as i have not actually done this job in a few years, but i am confident that it will be just fine! 

i am feeling incredibly blessed to be able to have this opportunity!  i will still be home with the girls when they are home!  still be able to attend their extra-curricular activities!  still be able to relish "snow days"...hee hee!  and of course, adding some coin in the bank is great, too!

so, that house project list i mentioned in the beginning?  well, i have amended it.  what i really "have" to do...and what can wait until after football season (because to be perfectly honest, not much gets done on "project lists" b/c of our weekends attending and watching football!)...i am knocking off some of the list this week with the girls at our church's daycamp.

there are many changes for us coming in august...but the changes will still keep one main priority:  my girls and making sure that i am home with them!

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