Tuesday, July 26, 2011


i sometimes make lists.
to do.
but lately i have been making a mental list.
a mental list of the stuff we girls still want to do before school starts.
we got school supplies over the weekend.
and each crayon, pencil, marker, eraser and what not are each labeled.
ain't no 1st grader or kindergartner getting on my girls' stuff :)
we made it to a water park last week.
we have done the back-to-school clothes shopping.
we have plans to go to the children's zoo.
we have bought each girl one of the 2 pairs of sneakers needed for school.
we have hair appointments scheduled (i will probably have to have an entire post on this one since it is my girls' "1st hair cut EVER".  no we are not Amish.  or Mennonites.  don't ask.)
and the "go to lunch with daddy" date is sorta scheduled...since we are mostly to his office on haircut day.  that one might even include the pedestrian bridge.  a downtown park and other sundry sites!
but...for the most part we are laying low. 
it really doesn't take much to make my lil honeys happy these days.
they enjoy playing together..."buddy land"..."water buddies"...putting on concerts & shows for me...watching movies together.
so......for that only being a mental list, it sure looks to be written down now, huh?!

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