Tuesday, March 17, 2009

schtupid, schtupid

i witnessed a woman (she was somewhere between 35-50) pull out in from of a police car & ambulance (both with sirens & lights and at high rates of speed!) and nearly cause an HUGE accident today. the look on her face was one of sheer schtupidity as she gunned it. luckily, no accident.
i then witnessed 2 green-clothing clad women (ages somewhere in the 25-40 range) hollytrot (which means it was not a serious quick-speedy dash, but instead kinda of a half-hearted attempt at a fastwalk) across the middle of what is normally a very busy (sorry, it is a very, VERY busy) street IN FRONT OF THE FIRETRUCK that was approximately 1-2 blocks behind the police car & ambulance. seriously? did neither hear the very loud & vary numerous sirens? or maybe they enjoy a good game of chicken with a firetruck? i do not know. just plain schtupid, in my opinion.

not sure if it was the warm weather that had melted these 3 womens' decision-making abilities. or maybe they knocked the froth offa couple of green beers on their lunch breaks?
whatever their excuses, they need to reminded of "What To Do When You HEAR Sirens or SEE Flashing Emergency Lights". they might make their decision differently if it where for themselves or a loved one that the emergency responders were headed to help.

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