Monday, March 2, 2009

sweet & swanky

this is just THE THING to help me get outta the rut that has sucked me in the past couple weeks! i needed something quick & creative to post today...mostly b/c The Little Dog is hounding me for A Nap (i toggle between my l-u-v of napping with one of my little girls, the little dog & the furball cat. OH oh, my hubs, too...i like to snuggle up to him, too!).
anywho...once i win one of these pretties, "sweet" or "swanky", then i shall post a photo of my amazingly mad crafty skills showing WHAT I DID WITH MY WINNINGS! it just might have something to do with the button-pillows that i am in the midst of making for my lil honeys...........with some of the moda's the linky-loo if you think you should win, too:

happy monday all y'all!

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