Sunday, November 15, 2009

belated merry halloween photos...

** due to some technical difficulties (i.e. our computer refused to read the photo card. ahem...NOT a good thing!) i am late, late, LATE to share these. please accept my apologies and understand that i tried very, very, very hard not to say bad words to or about the computer. although i did not succeed, i did try.
i love this photo! albeit fuzzy & blurry...i adore how the girls are looking at the daddy! this is right before they headed out to "trick-or-treat"...the daddy as an ISU football fan and lil miss muffitt and snow white. he was in good company, huh?!?!
lil miss muffitt with her curds & whey and that darned spider (at her pre-school gathering...).

lil miss muffitt at home with that darned spider!
snow white and lil miss muffitt
this is what snow white wears under that beautiful princess dress. definitely very dancer-looking!
after visiting all the neighbors the little trick-or-treaters were ready to just hand out some candy!
snow white walking to the car, er, CARRIAGE, after dropping off lil miss muffitt at school.
snow white and her dog, doggy-woggy. somehow we managed to totally change up the original story, but no one seemed to care. in fact, i think some people we encountered were glad that cruella was nowhere in sight!
besides....could YOU resist THIS face when asked if doggy-woggy could come along? i think not! i obviously could not...
belated, but still genuine...

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