Monday, November 2, 2009

good-bye blue house...UPDATED!

passed Inspector and Radon Test with flying colors! good job "blue house"! just the assessor on tuesday and then...i think this is really, really happening?!?!?!

the papers were signed thursday at 10:12pm.

the inspector came saturday.

assessor sometime this week.

looks like our days in "the blue house" are numbered.

tuseday, november 24th it becomes someone else's blue house.

karl built a yellow/tan house 9 years ago. way before a wife. a cat. a dog. a daughter. another daughter. another cat. it was all nearly "bachelor beige". then he met me. and, according to a few close friends, i added some "color" to his life. not sure how they mean that....ahem.

but in the past 6 years many colors have been added to our house. our lives.

and now we have new colors to we search for our new home. is nearly time to say good-bye to "the blue house"...i think we shall miss you!

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