Sunday, October 25, 2009

any given saturday...

one team wins and one team loses.
each and every game that is played.
rankings change.
players in a position change.
injuries occur.
most times, goliath continues to tromp the lil david teams.
but then there are other times...that under-dog david comes out victorious!
our's is a house divided.
i was born a husker. i am a cyclone by marriage.
my husband was born a cyclone. he is a husker by marriage.
and our girls? they are cheerleaders &/or marching bands for both teams.
so october 24th was an okay day at our home.
karl was at memorial stadium and watched the 11:30am game.
the girls and i watched in on tv.
for husker fans, the game was a debacle.
for cyclone fans, it was amazing.
showed what confidence in yourself and your teammates can lead you to do!
(remember: ISU started their back-up QB...and their leading tailback was out with an injury...)
my favorite part was after the game. the cyclone's head coach, paul rhoads, knelt on the field to compose himself after ISU defeated the huskers at home (the last time that occurred, none of the current players on his roster were even born yet!). he stood, spoke to reporters and said that they won precisely has he said they would have to: AS A TEAM. (and here's my favorite part!) then, after giving the obligatory quick interviews, he gets the biggest bearhug from another man...then stops and pumps his fist in the air yelling something to the ISU fans - his pride in his football players eeking out of every pore of who he is! i am proud to be a cyclone...even if it is not by birth.
ISU Head Coach: Paul Rhoads

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