Wednesday, October 14, 2009

filtering it out

my girls are 3-yrs-old and 4.5-yrs-old.
they do not always hear precisely what is said.

either to them.
or around them.

here is an example:

"hoy-boy these are horse-pills!" i blurted out when i got home with an rx a few days ago.

later, as i opened the bottle, to take another one (every 6 hours folks), this is what i heard:

"momma, don't you porget to take your horse, okay?" linnea tells me loudly.

"horsepill, nea, not a horse. horse-pill," wren whispers her a correction.

"wight! horsePILL, momma. HORSE-PILL," she says again. in her loud voice.

now, every 6 hours she reminds me about the horse. i mean horse-pill.

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