Monday, October 12, 2009

dear target letter...

october 12, 2009

dear target worker:

i appreciate your attention to detail in keeping your checkout station clean. i really do. what i do not appreciate is when my 3-yr-old steps around the shopping cart and is at eye-level with the conveyor belt that you are spraying with some type of liquid cleaning and you do not stop spraying! you do not even acknowledge that the child was there. luckily, my child was able to move herself back before being pelted in the eye with some of the liquid in that spray bottle. in fact you did not even acknowledge there was an adult there when i, the parent of the 3-yr-old, said, "excuse me". you continued to spray, wipe, run the conveyor belt, spray, wipe, run the conveyor belt a bit more, spray, wipe, run the conveyor belt. even after i have place my items on the conveyor belt. and when the large storage tubs came towards you as you were cleaning, you continued to clean while you held up the storage bins. it was not until someone else got in line behind me, and asked you if your lane was still open, did you actually acknowledge something other than the conveyor belt. in fact your response was in such a tone that how dare she even ask that question. and then when she asked, "are you going to checkout this lady? or do i need to go get someone else?" and you replied with something mumbled...i realized that as much as i appreciate your wanting a clean work environment...i appreciated the more annoyed-than-me-lady behind me even more.


the momma

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