Monday, October 19, 2009

i *heart* breakfast & coffee!

growing up my dad made a hot breakfast for us kids in the winter before school. it rotated between oatmeal, cream of wheat and coco wheat. i loved them all!

during my singleton days, i enjoyed getting up early on saturdays and going out for an "early bird" breakfast. i'd throw on some comfy clothes and a ballcap over my bedhead. then i'd grab the saturday paper and enjoy a delicious breakfast and tons of coffee while i read the paper. i loved those leisurely mornings!

when i became a mrs., i tried to get the mr. to enjoy going out for breakfast. he is not so much of a breakfast person. and, he is not so much of a "get-up-n-go" person. he is a shower first person. so, we would often compromise with a "brunch" place - he could have his lunch and me my breakfast.

after i quit commuting 100 mile mon-fri and got a job in the metro, my schedule was such that i did not work on fridays. and thus, friday became my "breakfast day"! i'd send the mr. off to his job and then i'd throw on some comfy clothes and a ballcap over my bedhead and head to a coffee shoppe. one that had these wonderfully soft and comfortable chairs. and a fireplace on chilly days! i could spend a couple hours enjoying my coffee, a bagel or scone and the paper. ahhhhhhhh, such contentment and bliss for me!

then we had a baby. then we had no sleep for a few months. and then we had another baby. and i quit my job and became just "momma". and the days of going out for coffee & breakfast ended. the extra $$ just weren't there to justify delicious coffee brewed by someone else...especially when we needed diapers!

it was then that i started to buy really good coffee to brew at home. and found some really delicious coffee-splinks (creamer)! and found a couple of great scone recipes. and i have found that my homebrew is so much better! i will occasionally take the girls out for a "girly coffee & scone" treat. and they love it! and enjoy those moments with my girls. but i really, really enjoy my coffee at my jumbo green mug that states "i'm awake" (it sometimes lies!).
as for the coffee...i'll stick with brewing my own each morning. and some days, each afternoon.

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