Wednesday, October 7, 2009

fine. i will take the blame, okay?

were you a bit chilled these past few days? weren't quite ready for autumn? well, i wasn't either. but i am going on the record as being personally responsible for the cold weather.

you see, i had a service technician come over last week to checkout our furnace. i figured he'd evict the family of dust bunnies, shine it up, change the filter and wah-lah! it would all happy and ready to keep me and my fam warm and toasty. nobody here wants cold tooters (that is in reference to TOES). but, alas, not so much.

see, there is a minutia of a crack in an area that really, really, really, should NOT have a crack. not even a minutia. so, the very nice service tech tells me that i should not turn on our furnace under any conditions until that part can be replaced. and i gave him that nervous little laugh one gives when we do not really want to hear what will come next...and i asked the question:

"why not", i ask.

"well, are you familiar with carbon monoxide poisoning?" he says, very sternly.
"yeeeaaah", i reply.

"well you can choose carbon monoxide poisoning or being cold. i would suggest being cold," is his answer.

so there you have it. and, oh, did you hear about the possibilities of snow flurries this weekend? yep, i'll cop to that one, too. the furnace part has not arrived yet (was supposed to be here today) and may not by friday.

please direct you complaints about the temperature in the comment section.
** sigh**

the photo depicts what we shall be doing from here on out. the new sectional has been dubbed "the best snuggling couch in the world" by the 2 shortest people in our family. the furry ones like it, too. schew!

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