Friday, October 16, 2009

out with the old & in with the new

dear rowe couch maker(s):
i have so loved my dear couch that i special ordered years ago. it took me months decide to become someone with a real couch...and that real couch cost me hundreds more than the special order futon that it replaced. i remember the beautiful the olive green velvet and how the idea of one seat cushion sent me over the moon! i remember how when i was "cat sitting" the elderly (crabby!) and nervous (shedder!) fat-sarah-cat i placed a babygate in the doorway to where my couch was so that she would not plop down and leave her mark. never mind that my brand-new, mere weeks old adorably fuzzy kitten, oliver, had carte blache. he was family. not just a guest. and oliver & i had many a nap on that rowe couch. many hours spent stitching on that couch. and since getting married and moving it to omaha, many hours have been logged by belle (aka "horkey the wonder dog"), my husband, and eventually the girls.
but...oh, you have caused a few headaches, too. and spurts of swearing, truth be told. such as when you arrived and the delivery guys had to remove your legs to get you into my apartment. and then, after an hour or more of trying to get you through the second doorway into what was my living room, resigning myself to changing my bedroom into the living room...since that was where the couch was. and then watching you be carried down the steep stairs of my apartment as we moved to omaha. and, of course, most recently, when i purchased a new sectional/ottoman/recliner set and we tried to move you to the garage. you did not go without a fight. you wouldn't go out the patio door. so we decided to take your legs off. after numerous attempts with a flathead and philips...and about 30 minutes later, an allen-wrench is what was needed. and even then...going out the front door was not an easy task. and i probably should apologize for my comment upon seeing you outdoors in the sunshine: "holy discoloration batman!", i blurted out. but, you have aged. you are discolored. and your arms are worn down from the numerous "loop-de-loos" you have endured. but be glad you are in the garage. and not at the curb. i couldn't do that to you. not after all we have been through together! eventually we will move and you will come along. and someday i will have you recovered. but that won't change my deep love for you. and the comfort you provide. we shall nap together again someday.

so...thank you rowe couch maker(s) for making such a wonderful friend!

and this is where i shall nap until further notice:
a very happy customer

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