Wednesday, October 21, 2009


we had our very first parent/teach conference earlier this week.
all was good - not that we expected anything less. but it was nice to hear about how our wren does at her school (which she adores!).
she is creative. she enjoys writing station. she is curious (and luckily, she has not used one of her favorite phrases on either teacher...yet: "i'm not naughty, i am just curious"). she loves learning. she is a good listener. she is a friend. she is verbal. she is on the cusp of reading.
but, there had to be something not up to par. and there was. is. involving her motor skills. and her ability, errr, IN-ability to use scissors well. or at all. at first perhaps the "she is a lefty" could be a reason. well...wren's momma knew precisely why she struggles.
confession: my girls have never, ever, ever, EVER held or cut with a pair of scissors. not even the rounded, blunt ended, only-for-paper scissors.
why? or why not?
have you seen their beautiful hair?? they have never had their hair cut. no trip to a salon. no kitchen chair with a trashbag around them as i snip. N-E-V-E-R. i love their hair. wren loves her curls. linnea loves her long hair. oh, and i like puddy's fur as is.
we will probably get a pair of scissors. if for no other reason than to NOT have the same teacher realize next year that linnea cannot use scissors either.

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