Thursday, January 27, 2011

ahh, to blog or not to blog...

this whole blogging "thang" is an interesting beast.  each of us in the this community have undoubtedly thought about the "why" behind our public writings.  and it IS public...unless, of course, we make our blog password-protected and allow only those we want to read to have access.  if we choose not to that...well then it is out there.  for anyone.  and everyone.  to read.  and this is something that should be remembered.  because when it can be anyone who read these words, then what we put out there should probably go through a "filter".  there are certain things that go on that really do not have a place on this blog.  certain topics or subjects or happenings that i might rant about to a friend or two, but not in this public forum.  falls in that category of "not appropriate".  unless of course you are intending to come off as passive-aggressive and take zero responsibility for your actions/words.  then by all means:  put it out there!  but don't in the same breathe make yourself out to be "holier than thou".  such juxtaposition in real life makes you seem more like a hypocrite who believes you are truly are better than others and thus, that would make you not quite as "christian" as you make yourself out to be...just sayin'...

on a different note...i heard a snippet of anita renfroe's bit about "if mom's were in charge" (my title, probably not hers...but i can't remember the title...)...if all the politicians followed the rules that moms have:  "hey senator, can you come out and play?"  "nooo, not until this budget is balanced..."  it was funny - way more funny than my if you have a chance to hear it, do so!  your ears and funny bone will thank you!

and speaking of funny...the 4-yr-old is seemingly on her comedic tour these days...and the funny just exudes from her tiny little frame!  the other day she said:  "momma, you are sillier than indigo and funnier than mexico".  no i do not know "where" that one came from.  and if i am not listening, or she perceives me to not be listening to her, she will say this"  "momma...hear this momma..." to get my attention.  it works.  and rather than ask if we can tell each other stories, she will say "let's tell stories with out mouthes".  that one really cracks me up!  especially since she has retained some of that toddler-lisp.  hy-ster-ic-al! 

but when she is not cracking me up, she is being quite responsible.  she adores alice and volunteers to take her out to do her "business", feed her, water her and give her tummy-rubs as needed.  unfortunately, alice has returned that attention and affection by poo-ing in her room (to be noted:  alice is not fond of cold weather and "businessing" outside...we just have to be vigilant of her where abouts and take her out on schedule b/c she is not vocal about telling us she wants/needs to go out...and she has been in 2 short-terms homes before coming to us and that has to be a bit stressful on a poochy...and she is 2, which means she is technically still a puppy...and you can totally see that in her bursts of rowdy energy!  again, hy-ster-ic-al!).

and, then there is her sister...this one is close to turning SIX.  and we are in "party prep mode" as i write this (which really means that i have 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 basement and 1 entry/mudroom to get cleaned today...are you as excited about that as i am...yeah, all that in this one day...good thing i got the diet coke chilling, huh?!):

 so, apparently this is what a beautiful almost six year old who is having an artist party looks like. 

(and in the words of vector:  OOHH YEAAAAAH!)

so, she chose an "artist party" and that has been super fun to plan...i made her invitations and found some great "artsy" crafts for her guests to do together...painting, making frames and doing "caricatures" of each other...she is really excited for saturday!  and so am i!
this is wren in her new dress from gram and grandpa...and she luvs it b/c: 1) it is a dress, 2)  it has sparkles, 3)  it has a ruffly skirt with what look like butterflies (actually bows, but who am i to correct her?!) and 4)  it meets the ever important "twirl factor"!
wren and i completed the 3 big ole posters of her that will be displayed at her school next was fun to go back through all the photos we have of her from the past 6 years.  but it was hard to choose which to include!  so i finally went with one poster of photos from birth to today, the 2nd poster has the sheet music of tim mcgraw's "my little girl" behind different "faces of wren"...and there are some doozies!  and the 3rd one is all of her and that sister of hers!  those 2 are so adorably funny together!  and the best part?  they really are best friends...they enjoy one another's company, get along really well (with the occasional bicker, b/c they are humans and all that...) and their giggles?  are just about the best sound in the world.  i can record it and send you a copy if you need a little "pick-me-upper", 'kay?

okay...i have successfully put off cleaning long enough.  successfully tossed together a rambling and random post that has no thread of continuity in it.  oh well. better post next time, eh?

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