Wednesday, January 19, 2011

gettin' my craft on...

so, i'm ready!
i have organized the basement.
got all my craft supplies on a shelving unit.
(that used to be in our bathroom.  holding towels.  it was too rickety for that use, so i took it out and put up some "hotel shelves".  those shelves are a vast improvement!  you'll just have to trust me on that one, because the likelihood of you actually seeing our master bath?  slim.  to never.  sorry.  so the rickety shelves - which i should add have been around for awhile...long enough to have been silver when bought and then as they rusted i decided to spray paint it a nice bronzey color...which is the color it remains.  i took it to the basement thinking it would be useful in the storage room.  oh, now THAT is a place that could use more shelves.  i digress...SO...instead i decided that those rickety shelves could work for my craft supplies...and with my table pushed up against the shelves?  genius!  they are not rickety.  they are ever so useful.  and heck, it doesn't even look like it was bathroom shelving.  at least that last one i'm telling myself.)
and i have our big old kitchen table for my workspace.
so i.  am.  ready.
thus far, i have crafted tags for christmas gifts.
made a really cute birthday card.
and made wren's birthday invitations.  2 versions.  the first for her friends.  the 2nd for family.  she wanted an "artist party" it did take a little extra searching for a caricature of a blond artist...but i found one, downloaded and whaaaa-laaa.  she loved them!
now...i know that i'll be there again doing valentine's in a few weeks.
but in the are some projects i really, really, really want to do.  some i already have all the supplies on hand.

via susie harris "where friends become family"

via gus+lula
via jones design co.
seriously - i have one of these that i primed last summer...just needs a coat or two o' paint, some UL numbers and...done!
via jones design co.
via jones design co.

via jones design co.
via jones design co.
a couple of the above will require my sewing machine (obviously), which means i will have to actually clear it off, dust it off, and thread it up and get it going.  i have not used it since we moved (bad me. bad. bad. bad.)

so...beyond that...there is the dresser in wren's room that needs to not be dark brown any more.  the armoire in our bedroom that needs some paint.  more walls that need paint, too.  so, there should be enough to keep me busy until warm weather, right?  i'll post photos as i do these.  stay tuned!

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