Sunday, January 9, 2011


 the girls HAD to be in the finished photo of "their" basement...2nd strip color done and some of the uppercase living up on the wall (despite my hubs making a comment about "aren't you supposed to wait 2 or 3 weeks after painting to put those up?"...ummm...).  so here is the one corner:
these 2 crack me up!

 this one is a close-up of the corner before putting the couch back where it should be...
i have a shel silverstein quote, a letters canvas, numbers poster and a couple other cool things to put up, but am trying to decide what to do with the shelves at the other end...need to have them where they will stay before the rest goes on the wall. 

this week has been a long one.
shootings at my niece's school...luckily she did not hear or see anything.
a gal i was really good friends with in college and was a bridesmaid in her wedding sent an email that her husband was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

hoping for better days ahead. 
for all.

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