Monday, February 14, 2011

do u *heart* today?

this year, all things valentiney have included:

dinner date with hubs, while the girls enjoyed a disney-movie-night with an auntie.

chocolates in a heart-shaped box.
3 roses - pink chosen by each daughter and red chosen by hubs.
wedding & anniversary rings that look like new!  sparkles galore again!
more jewelry, in the form of pretty little earrings.
dinner with family.
oranges and apples for the girls' valentine's day parties (complete with "orange you glad you're my valentine?" and "you are the apple of my eye" stickers).
loads of glitter, purple and home-made goodness in each  & every card the girls gave to their classmates.  not too girly or mushy...just adorable and fun!
and while the crafting was in full-speed-ahead mode, a certain hubs took my car and washed it, gassed it up AND detailed the inside!  awe.some!

and then today, there were new dresses for the girls from momma and daddy.  there were valentines to a few people who were absolutely not expecting them (we love doing that!)...the girls loved how much those people appreciated their little gifts (and i am hoping that they are learning that being generous does not always involve a bunch of money...and that many times, giving really IS more fun than receiving!).

each girl had a class party.  both got cute cards. and candy. and candy. and pencils. and bracelets. and magnets. and stickers. and tattoos. and more candy.  they shall not want for sweets, that is for sure.

and then that was supposed to be "it".
and "it" was plenty!  and great!

but, then after a phone call...and an offer of an extra ticket...
i get to go to the amy grant & michael w. smith concert tonight!
and...hubs won a dozen roses at work...rumor has it that he's giving them to me...

i am beyond loved i do believe.

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