Wednesday, February 16, 2011

finding the time

in my mailbox today was this beauty:
i had no clue what was in the priority envelope as i opened it.  what a fun surprise!
and, of course, i wanted to start flipping through it.
i have restrained myself.
well, because i want to
enjoy this bad-girl!
and that would probably not happen right now....
(the girls are watching "the wizard of oz" for the first time right now and i am anticipating a lapful of girls any moment...just passed the "poppies" part....and i have a pooch asleep on my lap, snorting & snoring and breathing dog breath on the laptop - can you smell her dorito-infused breath?  no, she did not get into a bag of chips, that is just what she smells like sometimes.  not sure why that is...)
mostly because brewing up a fresh pot o' joe would mean being up all night.  or at least until 10:30pm.  i have no decaf,.  and since i had a late night on monday (amy grant/micheal w. smith concert - awesomeness!).  late night tuesday (worked at the firm).  and we have parent/teacher conferences in an and an hour or two to savor my magazine is not going to happen.
but that's okay. 

i know it will be worth wait!

besides all this excitement...i made it to a home improvement store to start some "research" for helping me decide what i want to do with our bedroom walls that remain chalky white.  this shelf of old loveliness finally made it up a few weeks ago:
the jars are from hub's aunt.  they are a very subtleblue.  inside each one is something that is very meaningful to me.  these old jars and their contents were just itching for their "spot".  this wall has nothing else on it.  and it will remain that way.  the shelf i got at a garage sale a couple years ago.  it was black.  but a couple coats of paint later and it is happily holding of my treasures.  so, this (along with my framed wedding bouquet - sorry no photo today) are my starting points for this room.  some people start with bedding when doing a bedroom.  or their furniture.  not me!  most of our bedding is bold and bright and many colors, so it will all be bound to coordinate basically any wall color.  back to this wall...

i think it will need some texture...besides the knockdown.  so i am looking into some faux-wood wall project...or paintable bead board wallpaper (because actual tongue/groove bead board is probably not in the budget right now...) are some photos that i am diggin":

horizontal coolness!
(lettered cottage)
vertical fun
(my ideal home)

tin wall - swoon!
(my ideal home)

i adore these walls - but not sure i can replicate it...
and then there is that pencil - love him!
(my ideal home)
not 100% sure i have hubs on board with this one...but if he reads this post, the picture may help...
(lettered cottage)
my little pile of goodness that came from the "whoops shelf"...the pale-est grey, a pale-ish blue - that may combine to make my "own" bedroom color...and the third can is a turquoise for the playroom side of the basement!
so...i'll keep you posted on what direction i decide to go in...cost & difficulty are the main deciding factors for this one.

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