Tuesday, February 22, 2011

me, oh my...

so, i did the cutest little hand-stitchery for a cousin-in-law's baby shower...
do you think i remembered to take a photo BEFORE i put it in the box
(along with the little rattles, shoes and baby-legwarmers that the girls chose)
AND taped it?
uh....no!  rats!  rats!  rats!
it really was super cute - even the girls noted how cute it was.
i may need to "replicate" one for each of them.
as i type this, i realize i sorta am making it sound like i did not
get this idea from somewheres else...oh, i did.
(2nd photo down...little adorable "i love you this much")
BUT!  i did stitch it all by hand...

and, while chatting about hand-stitchery o' mine...
i finally got a Bible verse done for a friend of mine
who's husband is battling thyroid cancer.
but, the sewing machine i borrowed is not cooperating.
and mine is "under the weather" (that's what i am calling it...what it REALLY is is a 50+ year old machine that i have not taken in for a tune-up in *gasp* 3 years...no wonder it is "under the weather", huh?!).
i am hoping to get it completed (probably into a pillow by hand...)
in the next couple days.
heck, the 4 laundry baskets of clothes have already waited 3-4 days,
what's one more to complete a gift and get it mailed to kansas, right?

finally...i *think* i have decided on the
"what to do with the master bedroom wall"
dilemma of last post.
no, i have not ran it by the financial backer (aka hubs)...
mostly b/c i need to measure and check into a couple
ideas to get a better idea of cost...BUT!
here is a photo of what i want it to look like in the end:
wall only - although the headboard is cool, as is the bedding and pillows...the nightstands and jumbo candlesticks will not be coming to live at my house any time soon...i do dig the desk and red chair...but alas, i doubt the "budget" will allow for new furniture.
so there you go.
because i know you all were just so concerned about what in the heck i was going to do with my "whoops" paint and all my ideas.
don't we all feel better now?
thought so.....

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