Friday, May 15, 2009

conditions are favorable for...

i am sick. my head feels like it will explode. my throat hurts. my body aches. i have had a slight fever. i am coughing my fool-head off. and sneezing. and i am miserable. mommies are not supposed to get sick. but i am.
so, since my littles & i have travel plans for the weekend, i decided i ought to see my doctor to make sure that i am not: a) contagious, b) coming down with the flu (oinky or otherwise...), c) going to be more miserable. this is how it went:
p. a.: (not my doctor. not anyone i have ever met before 9am today): (upon looking up my left nostril) "wow?! can you even breath out of there? that is really, really swollen."
me: "nope, and that is why i am here...breathing is sorta something i enjoy doing..."
then after checking my ears, throat, neck, chest, etc. the p.a. tells me this:
p.a.: "you have conditions that are favorable for developing into a sinus infection."
me: "really? so, that sorta sounds like a "weather channel" answer to me. basically conditions could form a sinus infection, but one hasn't been sighted yet, huh? kinda like a "sinus infection watch" instead of a "warning"... (she did not think that was funny. she did not even smile.)
she continued to explain: "we can treat your symptoms and hope that it does not turn into a sinus infection in the next week to ten days. but as i said, you have conditions that are favorable for developing into a sinus infection, so give the office a call if you do not get to feeling better."
so, i guess that's that. she did give me a sample steroid/nasal spray. maybe that'll help.
and, no. i am not feeling better. so bring on the sudefed, nasal spray, tissues and hot-tea, okay?!

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