Monday, May 4, 2009

not me monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama...

click here to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week...

  1. i did NOT purposely stay out on errands & what-not long enough to hit sonic's happy hour and get me a diet dr. pepper with raspberry flavoring for $0.95. nope. not me.
  2. i did NOT tell the lifeguard at our ymca that, when i encountered her outside of the y, i did not recognize her with her clothes on. and then act like i did not understand why she was snickering. nope. not me.
  3. i did NOT spend 2 hours in a comfy recliner last night watching "celebrity apprentice" while my husband finished up some laundry, did dishes, made our girls clean their rooms & the living room area and then he vacuumed. nope. not me.
  4. i did NOT get angry at donald trump for ripping on jesse james, both behind his back & to his face, about how it is he "landed" sandra bullock as his wife. and why was he not "using" his wife's celebrity to bring in $$ and try harder to win the "celebrity apprentice" game. because, i am sure you will agree that donald trump is the most attractive man ever. especially love his greasy/plasticity jumbo comb over. he should really be the one talking about jesse james' marital situation. yeah, not me.
  5. (added late monday afternoon) i did NOT just shout outloud when i read the email confirmation that my mother's day gift has shipped! i also did NOT place hints to my husband on facebook, my blog or login and bring up the payment screen that my husband only needed to enter his cc # to pay for "my cart". nope. not me.
  6. i did NOT eat 6 cookies for my lunch. after serving up a delicious & nutritious & healthy lunch to my two small children. i also did NOT fib and tell them that i did not know who ate the rest of the cookies. nope. not me.
  7. i did NOT roll my eyes at my husband when i told him i was going scrappin' tonight. and he said, "you just had that on friday night". i very politely and in great fun details told him that night was "stamp club" and tonight is "workshop-on-the-go" night and they are really totally different. i did not even get remotely annoyed when he answered, "uh-huh...". nope. not me.