Wednesday, May 13, 2009

looking for a miracle...UPDATED

Josie is in Heaven with Jesus...
please continue to pray for her mother, father and siblings.
it is just a regular ole wednesday here in my small world. spending the day pretty much as usual...with my 2 little girls. hanging out together. we ran a ton of errands yesterday & so today we are not going anywhere. which is okay. because as i watch, listen to and smile & laugh with my girls...i am sad.
my thoughts are elsewhere.
they are with a mother from my church. who was having, what i suspect, was her usual tuesday yesterday. taking her three little kids somewhere. and then everything in her world changed. she is injured. her youngest has minor injuries. her oldest has broken bones and is in critical condition. and her middle child? her 4-yr-old, Josie? she is very, very injured. an inoperable brain injury. she needs a miracle. and as i type this, her mother, her father...and everyone else who knows this little girl is preparing to say good-bye...trying to figure how to hand her over to Jesus...wondering why...and yet, probably still looking for a miracle...praying for more time on earth with her...
so, if you can spare a few moments...
...please spend that moment praying for dear, sweet Josie.
and her parents.
her siblings.
her extended family.
and for each of the lives that this little girl has touched.

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