Friday, May 29, 2009


we went to the ISU tailgate gathering last night.
this is before we entered the "cycl ONE NATION"
this is the girls (and hubs...) meeting Cy, the ISU mascot!
this is wren in her sweet QB stance! still still sorta "threw like a girl", but looked good doin' it!
this is what nea (aka "the blur") enjoyed most. surprising, eh? wren loved it too!
sadly, this is as close as hubs wanted to get to jamie pollard (the dude in the white shirt - ISU AD)
wren was even on the KPTM-Fox 42 local news at 9pm! showed her meeting and "fiving" was adorable. and yes, we recorded it! if i can figure out how to get it onto my blog, then you too will be viewing it! when i told wren about her being on tv, she asked if she would be in the newspaper also and if she was famous now.

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