Tuesday, January 5, 2010

me likeys

proper english it is not. but it is just fun to say some things. such as, "me likey _____ a lot". of course, it is sometimes best to not do this around small children who like to parrot. but, oh well. there are probably worse things my 3- and 4-yr-olds could be saying. or doing. right?? right. (even if you do not agree with me, just nod your head. thanks.)

we our now just a day shy of being in "the new house" for one month. and i wanted to show off what i have done thus far. i do not like white walls. if i want to feel like i am at a spa, i will go to such a place. for me, white is not warm. but i have not fully decided on wall colors...except for a couple of rooms. i painted the laundry room "beach glass", which looks brighter in the photos than it really is. and i have a portion of the paint for the girls' rooms: "authentic pink". wren wants some green and silver in hers (but i am waiting for her new bedding to arrive...) and linnea wants some yellow and blue in addition to the pink. i am secretly hoping that the snow makes the daddy have a "stay-at-home" snow day and i can get started on their room! anyways...eventually there will be color on the walls. there will be real blinds on the windows. heck, there might even be curtains on the windows. but one project at a time. this is enough for now.

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