Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ruby oreo larson

this is ruby oreo larson.
she is 5 years old.
she is very sweet, quiet and docile.
and sometimes she snores.
we are adopting her through the midamerican boston terrier rescue group. ruby came over on friday evening for a "home visit", and well...she just stayed! we have a "2 week trial" with her in our home. to make sure that we are the family for her, and she is the dog for us.
she loves the girls. she loves the karl. and well, she is rather fond of me, too, it seems. she likes to follow me everywhere...she loves getting petted and loves belly-rubs! she is fond of being a lapdog. (and in fact she is snoozing happily beside me as i type this.)
she is becoming more active each day, which is helping to increase her appetite and thirst. and she is doing really, really well with potty-training! so, unless something hinky happens in the next couple weeks...she will be staying here with us as a larson! i think she is really, really happy and excited about that! (we are, too!)
and to celebrate?
a big, ole snoozer!

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