Wednesday, January 6, 2010


that is what i would like to be doing today.
on a snowy, blowy, bitterly chilly day at home.
and i have plenty of books begging for me to spend the day with one of them...4 new ones happily lumbering on my "pseudo-nightstand" (my "real" nightstand is still at one of our friends' garages...)

but, instead, i am gathering my receipts and mileage log and commission statements and all the other "pertinent tax information" that i have for my little business. and i am going to not only organize it...but get all the numbers crunched for my "tax professional"! such a tangible and productive goal! yeah me!
and then i remembered who my "tax professional" is.
it is me.
i am my own "tax preparer". sigh.
yep, when you work seasonally at an accounting firm as an actual "tax preparer" they sorta make you prepare your own. bummer, huh?? (especially if you remember THIS post from last year...)

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