Saturday, June 12, 2010

busy, busy, busy

this week the girls & i enjoyed a GREAT week of vacation bible school! i was busy with being "winifred sassafras horsely" for the puppet show (voices were pre-recorded last week by me and a friend...) and teaching the kids the songs during music time. the girls were busy singing, dancing, reciting, crafting, gaming, snacking and having a ton of fun with their friends!

my hubs' vehicle died. engine has been deemed "terminal" by my brother, the mechanic. so the search is on for a new vehicle. no, it will not be a minivan. no, it will not be a "smart car". not sure what it will be...but we are not rushing into anything. we may get a rental next week to help with his commute to downtown (two mornings of taking daddy to work downtown and then going to church for vbs all the way across town was probably enough for me and the girls).

and the best part of our week? TOMORROW. SUNDAY! the girls get to sing and dance a couple of bible school songs at church and go to summer "funday school". then...

linnea's 4th birthday party!!

the decorations are hung.

the treatbags are filled!
hello kitty is on each cupcake.
the chocolate ones....
...and the vanilla ones, too!

now, i should probably go assist the daddy in getting the 2 wild girls settled and in bed...they are enjoying a "double feature mivie night":  toy story 1 and 2 (they now think that they HAVE to see "toy story 3" in the theater...good thing we need *something* to do on linnea's actual birthday day, huh??!!)

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