Tuesday, June 22, 2010

fickle & larky us...

laughter is the best medicine...

and lately? since i have not been feeling well (trip-to-the-e.r.-for-chest-pain...that is not heart related, but an unknown lingering thing that is probably pluracy...) lately the girls have been particularly humorous:

wren got a knew buddy from the zoo last week. a ferret she named zu-zu. today, apparently, was her birthday and her is her singing to zu-zu:

"happy birthday to you, ferret! may all you feretty dreams come true cuz Jesus loves you too" (mostly off-key)

then there was miss linnea...who has changed her name and birthday in the recent past. she changed her june birthday to october 11th. until no party was happening. then june was a-okay. then, she changed the spelling of her name. dropped the "a" at the end and replaced it with an "h". but this today, it is her middle name that she has changed. she is no longer linnea mariann. she is now "linnea oreo". oh, and she is not a bug or a spud. she is a person. with eyes. and a body. and she talks. she'll tell you all about it, too.

wren has this bold & infectious giggle. and she let it out numerous times today at the movie we saw. there were times when it was (mostly) quiet and her laughter echoed! it. was. awesome.

linnea likes to manipulate. although, since she knows not what that word even means, she'll call it something else altogether i am sure. the other evening when she felt like she'd not had enough momma-snuggle-time, she walked into our bedroom with her sad clown face, holding her arm. and she tilted her chin, looked up at me and proceeded to tell me: "i need some more momma snuggles because my arm hurts." when i asked why her arm hurt her reply: "cuz i dranked too much milk..." i could not argue with that, so snuggles commenced.

and, finally...tonight aliens landed in our living room! there was panic! pandemonium! and then...

the aliens!!
did not even bother me that they arrived during the college world series game.

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